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My Story


Born in 1980 in Tuscany, from the early age I had an inclination for manual works, perhaps because every day I saw my mother sitting at the sewing machine, assembling pieces of tissue, which would become later clothes to wear, perhaps because I was curious, as I am now.


A course of study has diverted this predisposition, suffocating it and putting it aside, in a hidden corner of my life, but which I knew was there.


And, like all the things we try to hide under the rug, my desire to create something from nothing, something to which I can give my mark, came out with arrogance.


Thus, in 2013, the first projects began to take shape, inaccurate obviously, but this didn’t discourage me, on the contrary, they made sure that I came in contact with materials, such as leather, of which I fall in love instantly.


Since 2017 I have decided to invest everything, body, mind and money in this project, with the hope and goal of being able to live doing what I love. In the meantime, I have increased my knowledge attending a specialized course at “Polimoda” in Florence, an experience that has changed my mind, my eyes and my way of working.



In the culture of fast fashion, of standardization, of the possession of an object as a totem of a social status, I would like to make my customers original, with unique handcrafted accessories, referring to the history of costume and the birth of haute couture.

Since the foundation our company is sensitive to the ecological issue and the reduction of waste, making own the philosophy of change of Heraclitus, based on eternal change as a search for itself.





Everyday objects and materials – vintage buttons, pencils and leather – come to life a second time, becoming accessories for women who want to stand out, who are not afraid to dare, who want to have fun with what they wear.